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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 18, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. it is 4:25 on this friday, november 18th. you are seeing the bug there in the left. it is in the 30s out there this morning t will be a cold one as you head out today. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes. >> our afternoon high will only be in the 40s. the jacket weather here to stay as we get into the afternoon and to have a very chilly start this morning. look at that, very quiet with clear skies across the region. all the rain showers and the one or two snowflakes we had around here yesterday off to the east and not anywhere on our hd radar. you can see that h is high pressure that will be building in. that spells nice weather. lots of sunshine. it should be visually a beautiful day, just on the chilly side with a bit of a
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breeze out of the west. plenty of cold air sitting around later today and tonight. humidity down now 43%. we are drying out. chilly skies -- chilly temperatures, sunny skies. high temperatures in the mid- 40s. we should be dry. more details and a look at the weekend? just a minute. >> thank you. we are learning more about the suspected white house shooter from a bizarre new video that is out. in it, oscar ortega hernandez rambles on about being jesus christ and rails against the u.s. government. recordrd at idaho state university, it was meant as an audition to be on oprah. police in syracuse, new york are investigating allegations of sexual molestation against a long-time assistant basketball coach at syracuse university. two former ball boys tell espn that assistant coach bernie fine molested them for years.
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the school has placed fine on administrative leave. the season is not going quite the way the redskins had hoped but they can get moving in the right direction again sunday with a win against the rival dallas cowboys. lip say murphy has more. >> reporter: it was monday night football. the skins were 2-0, ready to take down another division rival, the dallas cowboys. just one touchdown and nine field goals. the final go ahead gold goal from dallas. >> i feel we let one slip away. that was supposed to be a win for us. >> we went into their house and we gave them what we got and they made more plays than us at the end but we easily could have one won that game as well.
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no excuses. they won and we have to make sure we take care of our home field. >> reporter: now, more than ever, the skins need something to fight for. having their biggest foe come to fedex field at this time is the per picture pick me up for a struggling team. >> everybody is frustrated right now. and to have the cowboys coming in there, there is no better team to go against to get everybody fired up and have that extra juice, extra motivation that -- to get this thing turned around and get a big victory. >> we've been fighting for a win. but the added signify -- significance of the rivalry and what goes with it will make it more special to get things going and try to get a win. >> reporter: following their week three loss to the dallas cowboys, the redskins rebound wade victory over the st. louis rams. that was on october 2nd and
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that was last time they won. from redskins park, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. santana moss has been ruled out for sunday's game. he is still recovering from the brokened hand that he suffered against the panthers in week seven. dave ross will join us later on this morning for our friday football forecast as well. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning. we are taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning on this friday, folks. that's right, it is 36 degrees out there. you can see the temperature on the left of your screen. it is going to be a chilly one. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> love the purple this morning. >> i'm hoping to support your ravens a little bit. >> we need to work on the ravens and the redskins. >> yeah, well, good luck. >> let's get right to the
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weather forecast. that is what i know about. it is cold out there. it will be cold later this afternoon. our temperatures are going to struggle here into the mid-40s for afternoon highs. good news, lots of sunshine expected. look at the satellite-radar. very quiet and we have cold temperatures. most of the area will dip at or below freezing when all is said and done. we have a few more showers to cool off overnight. >> radiational cooling, using that at 4:30 in the morning. >> 36 at reagan national. dulles is below freezing. winchester, harrisonburg, all in the low 30s. i think we'll have 20s in the next hour or two. here is the forecast.
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chilly temperatures, clear skies. i'm going to have a cup of coffee and try to wake up. >> i'm sure it is chilly where julie wright is. are you wearing a parka yet? >> i just took it off. today is the morning where you have the seat warms are on full blast. it is quite an awakening. out on the roadways, they are in the process of clearing this roadwork on the inner loop. the beltway on the way to colesville road. you can see the headlights passing the cones. heads up as you work your way around towards new hampshire avenue. outer loop of the beltway, nice and clear. no problems to report leaving college park headed back around towards 270. across the american legion bridge, euro night construction at 66 has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. now, you will see this bizarre video of the man suspected of firing at the white house. the video is giving us moreen sight into oscar ortega hernandez. he has now been charged with trying to assassinate the president. let's get more from tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: good morning development months ago, daniel oscar hernandez asked another student to videotape a message to oprah winfrey. we are now getting new insight into the man who has been charged with trying to assassinate the president. towards the end of the 45- minute long tape, oscar ortega her nan daze makes what may be the most startling claim in his appeal to oprah. >> you see, oprah. there is still so much more that god needs me to express to the world. it is not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i am the modern day jesus
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christ that you all have been waiting for. >> reporter: he never mentioned president obama but he did lash out at the government accusing the feds of waging war for oil. >> because the government is fighting or should i say bullying these other countries for their oil, our freedom is at stake. >> reporter: the idaho state university student who recorded the tape never submitted it to oprah. his professor says they never considered turning the tape over to authorities. >> the video we have, there is no threatening statements whatsoever. there is no reference to president obama at all. none of that. that is why we really didn't do anything with t. >> reporter: the professor says much of the rest of the tape is rambling. >> he's just been watched over by god and feels that he is somehow got some mission that he needs to accomplish. >> reporter: now, the 21-year- old is charged with trying to
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assassinate the president. federal charging documents say witnesses in idaho claimed that ortega hernandez had pick increasingly agitated with the federal government. he called president obama the antichrist and said he had to hurt him and then feds say on friday night, ortega hernandez fired a series of shots at the white house from constitution avenue. inside his canada, police found a romanian semiautomatic rifle with a large scope mounted on top. three loaded mag diseendz, several more boxes of ammunition, ?iept spent shell casings and an aluminum baseball bat and brass knuckles. -- three hooded magazines, several more boxes of ammunition, nine spent shell casings and an aluminum baseball bat and brass knuckles. if he is convicted of these charges, he could face life in
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prison. >> thank you. herman cain has been the target of death threats and he is the first of the republican presidential candidates to receive protection from the secret service. cain says he has received death threats though he will not talk about the specifics of them. secret service protection is given to each major party's nominee but candidates can request it before the nomination. another prestigious sports school finds itself in the spotlight over alleged child sex abuse. this time, it is syracuse university which last night put an assistant basketball coach on administrative leave amid the allegations. espn is reporting that two men have accused bernie fine of molesting them in the '80s and '90s when they were ball boys with the team. some of the abuse allegedly happened in syracuse facilities too much the university said it became aware of the accusations in 2005 when one of the alleged victim came forward telling school officials he had gone to syracuse city police with the claims. victim said police did not pursue the case
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statute of limitations had expired. su says it launched its own investigation at the time but found no evidence to support the claims. bernie fine has been with syracuse university for 35 years. more fallout from the penn state child sex abuse case. a pennsylvania lawyer says his client will testify that former coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulted him. he says other accusers are coming forward. the statement comes two days after sandusky's tv interview claiming he was innocent of all the charges. sandusky's lawyers said he expects some of the victims to come forward and deny some of the allegations. hundreds of people were arrested around country on the two-month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement but a protest here in the district was peaceful. with tease police out in force on m street, a protest at the key bridge was peaceful. protesters did not try to block
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traffic on the bridge like we initially heard. they chose the bridge as a symbol of the nation's aging infrastructure that could put people back to work. >> in order to have the economy flowing and moving we need the jobs and the money for spend so the business can keep going and this country can keep going. >> over 200 were arrested as thousands protested in new york city. occupy protesters sad down in the middle of streets tying up traffic in lower manhattan and around wall street. riot police stopped them from disrupting the stock exchange. a few stockbrokers had their own signs that read get a job. there are stunning allegations against a federal agent from our area. what he is accused of doing inside a mcdonald's while working at the recent apec
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summit in hawaii. was the death of natalie wood really an accident? police are taking a new look at this case. 
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one of hollywood's most enduring mysteries is under investigation still. once again actually. authorities in l.a. are reopening the case of the death of actress natalie wood. she drowned in 1981 after a night of partying with her husband robert wagner and christopher walken. the l.a. county sheriff's office says it has received new information though. they plan to hold a news conference later on today. police say 27-year-old christopher deedy shot a man
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during a confrontation in hawaii. he claims he was protecting himself from a person who was drunk. deedy is now on paid administrative leave. president obama today made a major announcement about american diplomacy as he continues his visit to the asia pacific region. the president is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to the longo pressed and shunned nation of myanmar, also known as burma. mr.obama says the world is detecting flickers of progress in myanmar on the road to reform. secretary clinton's visit would be the first in more than 50 years. a new poll paints a disappointing picture for the white house. a fox news survey found 56% of americans give the obama administration a vote of no confidence. that question asked based on recent similar votes of european leaders at their parliament. the fox poll also found 6 #% of people say they do not see any signs the economy has turned
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the corner. still, the public is hopeful about the future. 59% said they are optimistic about the next decade. the housing market is still very fragile. many people have looked at a short sale as a way of getting out of a mortgage. what exactly is a short sale and could it get you in even more costly trouble. we'll share a fox 5 investigation with you. we've got your weather and traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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taking a live look at reagan national airport, shouldn't be too bad to fly out today. shouldn't be any major problems here in our area. i hope not because i'm going to be flying out of there. >> are you? where are you going? >> somewhere where it is actually colder if you can believe it. in the 20s and 30s. >> obvious will you, the weather is not going to be a factor today. we should be fine over the weekend. early next week, a lot of people traveling. monday, tuesday, light rain showers. no big storms here on the horizon. let's kick it offer by letting you know the headline for today, sunshine but chilly. >> a sunny but chilly friday. >> it should be a very nice looking day, just a little on the brisk side with temperatures expected to top out only in the 40s. i don't know if we've done that yet or not this year.
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there is the satellite-radar. you can see that across the area, we're doing just fine. that map at any time belong there in case you didn't get that. 36 at reagan national. check out all the cold off to the north and the west and we're already below frozing here in many spots. gaithersburg, 30 degrees. dulles, 30 degrees. culpeper, 28 now. we are in the 20s in culpeper. 32 in fredericksburg. leonardtown, 32 degrees. these temperatures should fall back a few more degrees before we get to sunrise here at about 6:50 this morning. then we'll be off to a cold start. i have absolutely no clue what is going on with my maps but there is your forecast for today. sunny skies, a bit breezy and brisk. your high temperature, 46 degrees with winds out of the west bat five to 10 miles per hour. trust me, i'm still here. you just can't see me.
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cold overnight, 31 your overnight hoe with winds out of the south about five miles per hour. a nice warm-up here by saturday. our daytime highs will be in the mid-50s. redskin game sunday, i think we'll be dry. i think the clouds will move in. showers late and by late, i mean late in the day, probably at night, sunday night into early monday. monday, a few showers. wednesday maybe a shower. thursday, thanksgiving day, looks cold but we should be sunny. high temperatures in the 40s. let's get to julie wright with your traffic. >> i love you, tucker but if you could just bring summer back, i'd be happy. >> you just hang in there. only six months away. >> tucker is doing the forecast, age sitting on top of the space heater. when he does the five-day, i run back and get in place. it's cold. this right lane here if you look it the dark with the head
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lipe -- with the headlights as they catch the cones, they are in the process of clearing the construction there. that is the inner loop of the beltway heading towards college park leaving silver spring. lanes are open traveling 395 northbound. we are quiet right now on the play between tyson's and springfield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ffic. fur. now to a fox 5 investigation. the foreclosure crisis is far from over. millions of desperate home owners are still trying to dig their way out and for many, the answer to the problem seems to be a short sale but they may be in for an expensive shock. fox 5's sherry ly explains. >> we wanted a piece of the pie, the american dream. >> reporter: for five years, kent mccain and his family lived the dream in this fredericksburg home they bought in 2004. >> although we didn't have like the million dollar home, we still had something of our own
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to call home. >> reporter: their kids were growing up, making memories for a lifetime. >> we work hard. we feel like we deserve something fourselves. >> reporter: but their adjustable rate mortgage doubled to $3,000. the housing mark net free fall. they found themselves buried in paperwork, tied up in red tape, told to do one thing while the lenders continued to foreclose. >> so over here, they're telling you you have to be three months behind. >> reporter: trying to avoid foreclosure, the mccains close a short sale. the lender agreed to sell for less than the mccains owed. >> i thought that would be the end of it. it didn't raise an eyebrow. we were still devastated. but at least we get out of it without having this big loan over our head and -- >> they were wrong. the house had a second mortgage and the lener got a judgment against them for $50,000 backing the mccains in a corner. >> they just want the money.
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doesn't matter. nothing else matters. screw you. pay me. that is what it all boiled down. to. >> reporter: their realtor sees it more often now. banks going after home owners for the remainder of the mortgage called the deficiency. sometimes dropping the bomb days before a sale. it is a shock to home owners deep in debt. >> they immediately start thinking where am i going to get this money. if i had $10,000 or $20,000, i would be paying the mortgage in the first place. >> what people don't understand, it is a two-step process. you sign a note which makes you personally responsible for the amount you are borrowing. >> reporter: in the wake of the robo signing scandal on foreclosures, the number of short sales is expected to rise 25% this year. nick lasedy is a real estate attorney. >> you want to have that spelled out that it is
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forgiven. because you are buying yourself a lawsuit in the end. >> reporter: that is what liz thought she did when she sold her district condo in a short sale. she doesn't want to be identified. >> it is a very confusing process because there are so many ifs, ands are buts to it. >> reporter: her first mortgage agreement says she wouldn't owe anything else but the paperwork for the second mortgage did not. >> i kept getting calls from the banks. i would get their attorney. >> reporter: the mortgage plus interest an attorney's fees totaled more than $50 thousand. >> i don't have the money. i'm he working three jobs trying to make ends meet in the first place and i just don't have the money to pay them back. >> reporter: the lender took her to court, agreed to drop her debt to $17,000. she will be paying it off for the next 20 years. >> i feel like the barns, they really take advantage of you.
4:52 am
>> they can garnish your wages. they can garnish your bank account. >> reporter: it is the bank's call whether to forgive the debt or go after the shortfall inform mccains' case, there was no negotiating. >> tell us how. we pay our mortgage. how do we salvage this and that was never an option that was put on the table. >> reporter: so why not just foreclose? home owners two do that can be on the hook for the entire mortgage. >> because there may be better options for you than a short sale. maybe bankruptcy is a better course of action. maybe allowing to go to foreclosure. it just depends on your particular situation. >> for people would go through the short sale process, overwhelmingly, most people have opted to file for bankruptcy. >> reporter: the mccains declared bankruptcy, unable to pay their mortgage, unable to pay the debt from the short
4:53 am
sale hanging over their head. >> devastating. it was like a slap minister face. it was terrible. it was absolutely the worst thing that could have happened. >> reporter: in the end, the house the mccains bought for $299,000 sold for just $90,000. the banks lost a small fortune. the mckhans lost their -- the mccains lost their home and their dreams. coming up next, a little jet lag. we'll have the highlights or low lights. plus tim tebow strikes again. we'll show you his mile high comeback. and off the wall is next. wisdom, we're talking about one league that is not playing and one team that has not been playing pretty well ysm pretty much the same thing. >> every week. >> can either one of them get it resolved. >> are you going to talk about
4:54 am
lipstick on a pig. >> i got four words for you. >> what's that? >> lipstick on a pig.
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unfortunately that was the lone highlight for the caps. they fell to the winnipeg jets last night 4-16789 the caps have now lost seven of their last 10. to the nfl now, another miracle finish for tim tebow and the denver broncos. they beat the new york jets last night 17-13. tebow scored the go ahead touchdown on a 20-yard scamper. the broncos and jets are both now 5-5 on the soap but heading in opposite directions. time now for this week's off the wall. dave ross and wisdom martin talk redskins, cowboys and the nba lockout. off the wall. >> we're back. >> we're back. >> you know who is not back? the guys in the nba. we don't have any nba
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basketball and it looks like we're not going to have any nba basketball. are regoing to see it? are they going to resolve this issue? does anybody care. >> no, they're not. they say if we started it now, we need 30 days to get it going. just shut it down. that is what you want. that is what effect wants. stop with these fake time frames. if we get it done this week, we can do that. it sounds like they've reached basketball armageddon. i guess what is the longer term effects of. this is this an nhl and they came back stronger after they got rid of some teams. or is it major league baseball in 1994. i don't think they ever recovered. >> if they don't play this year or next year? >> can you imagine not maying for two seasons. >> i can't imagine that. they are coming off some great times with lebron and you still got some stars. you have to get this resolved in the long-term interest of
4:58 am
the league. >> some people believe because of what you just said, even if they come back, whatever they come back, fa the fans will come back because it is a star- driven league. do you think people will get so upset that they'll stay away? >> i don't think they'll stay away. here is the deal. basketball usually picks up a big audience other than the hard core basketball, they pick it up in january and february when the nfl is over and when college basketball starts coming to a close. they are looking for something else. they got from then until june. nba stars pick up. >> do you think this lockout won't hinder them as far as the fans are concerned i don't if they get it resolved byian, february, it's not happening. >> the washington redskins are not happening. the big bad dallas cowboys coming in on sunday to win. >> the cowboys hung a 4-0 spot, 44 on the buffalo bills last week. >> who shut out the redskins north of the border. >> i don't want to be accused
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of being a hater so that's all you i'm going to say. >> you a hater? >> are you going to say that it will be lost. >> they hung a 44 on buffalo last week. that is all i have to say. not going to make a prediction on the redskins. >> the redskins are going to lose. it won't be pretty on sunday. i think we've seen the talent that was there with the injuries and they're done. rex has nobody to throw the ball to. hankerson was the bright spot. chris cooley is out. santana moss is out. >> seem like they've been out since week one. >> they have been out no a long time. >> but wisdom, trying to take the high ride. i like that. >> can i say this. we have to check the low road. lipstick on a pig. rex is a big pig with the lipstick. john beck is the pig without


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